What’s the story?


That’s not me.

I am a thirty-something (at the time of writing) dad and husband with a decent office job who lives in London. I don’t live in London.

My house is just inside the M25, my work is just inside the North Circular, and I spend a good deal of time in and out of London proper for work and a bit of leisure.

I live in the suburbs.

So while you can occasionally (ed. rarely) find me spending a night drinking in Shoreditch or gorging in Charlotte street, you are more likely to find me at home winding down from, or getting on with work, life, or both. I like it this way.

I grew up on a farm in Minnesota, USA. That life was very different. I liked that too (most of it).

For me and others like me, life is busy, time is short, and city living has stripped most of the more ‘manly’ pursuits from our lives.  We now occupy the space in between hunter/gatherer and the people on the spaceship in Wall-E (have a look)

That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Hunting, fishing and farming. I have a profound respect for those who are *good* at them and I do enjoy the fruits (and carcasses) of their labour. I do think that hunting and fishing are both messy and boring – and I know farming is bloody hard work. Being idle, on the other hand, is over rated. I’ve tried them all.

BUT! Preparing, growing, crafting, cooking, brewing and a myriad of other hybrid and/or related activities are available to us. Manly activities that can be pursued in the suburbs.

That is what Ultimate Hombre is all about. Rousing manliness in the from it’s suburban anaesthesia induced coma using fire, smoke, meat, metal, whiskey,  power tools  and anything else that will not violate any council statutes or involve unreasonable amounts of time, money or skill.  Suburban Machismo. Feel free to join me.



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